As ambassadors of Africa to the rest of the world and especially to visitors, we’re committed to responsible and ethical tourism. We feel a strong sense of responsibility to invest our profits back into South Africa and the communities our guests visit, so we choose specific community projects to support and then have our guests join hands in these projects.

Our current projects are investing in South Africa’s children through reading. Our goal is to spread compassion, responsibility and empowerment to the leaders, the workers and the parents of the future by encouraging them to read. Books widen our horizons, foster an interest in other cultures and ideas and impart valuable wisdom for the future. Reading not only provides a momentary escape, but it can reduce our stress, promote analytical thinking and help develop vocabulary and memory skills.


Donate a minimum of 2 books and receive a 15% discount on your consultation fee. We collect and donate all books to local orphanage homes, community outreach organisations, and local libraries in the townships.

We believe that with a consistent approach and a dedication to the initiative, the children will come to understand, appreciate and value the free choice and access to reading. We are in a fortunate position to show visitors the real Africa – and whilst doing so also provides the means for all of us to give something back to this beautiful continent.

We are able to arrange tours to these orphanage homes, community outreach organisations and libraries at an extra cost. 100% of proceeds from these tours are donated to the respective non-profit organisations. On these tours, you are welcome to bring extra books, toiletry supplies, household cleaning detergents, blankets, toys, sanitary towels, school shoes, stationery, clothes, etc.


South Africa is much more than our passion, it’s our home!

TJ Adventures is a South African Cape Town based travel consultation agency specialising in creating bespoke travel arrangements for both business and leisure clientele visiting the Western Cape.


We are here to ensure that your time spent in the Western Cape is as memorable and exciting as possible with the least amount of stress involved by providing you with an abundance of everything you will need to factor in when planning your visit to Cape Town – accommodation reservations, flight bookings, car rentals, shuttle services, airport transfers, restaurant reservations, travel insurance, accredited tours and tour activities, and up-to-date travel information.

Western Cape is a dream destination in every sense – home to the iconic landmark Table Mountain, historic Robben Island, unforgettable safaris, nature reserves, wildlife conservation, winelands, adrenaline adventure activities, hiking, marine wildlife, beaches, scenic roads and attractions, uniques destinations and experiences, nightlife, theatres, restaurants, and pensioners and children-friendly activities.​

At TJ Adventures we travel the length and breadth of every destination we recommend and experience tour activities to make sure that our advice is based on first-hand experience and that every supplier in your itinerary is tried-and-tested, registered, and use only the best qualified Tour Guides and operators.

Contact us at admin@tjadventures.co.za to arrange an affordable and memorable Western Cape holiday adventure for yourself and/or your guests.


We wish you happy and safe travels!


- TJ Adventures

We are a Cape Town-based travel consultation agency. We specialise with Western Cape excursions and travel itinerary planning services for individuals, couples, families with children, groups and travel agencies to make sure that their time spent in the Western Cape is as memorable and exciting as possible with the least amount of stress involved. We believe that it’s not about the destination you're in that's important, it's what you do at your destination that matters.


We provide you with an abundance of everything you are going to need to factor in when planning your adventure in the Western Cape including negotiating discounts with our travel partners on your behalf without charging you booking fees or commissions.




We are here to get to know you better, find out what tickles your fancy, and guide you in order to tailor your Western Cape adventure to your precise requirements and to make sure your every travel need is catered for without any hustles.



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